Alex Zakkas

Esther Mugambi

Janneke Raaphorst

Sarah van Lamsweerde

Tre Tigri is a loose association of artists: Alex ZakkasEsther MugambiJanneke Raaphorst and Sarah van Lamsweerde.

Through this portal you can discover the websites and works of each associate member.

Although each artist works in between disciplines, and this ‘undisciplined’ approach is what connects them, the field of performance is where their paths often meet.

Mugambi, Raaphorst, van Lamsweerde and Zakkas are linked by living in the city of Amsterdam, from where they work across geographical and artistic borders.

Tre Tigri is part of a larger fauna of artists and friends, notably Bojana Mladenović and Norberto Llopis Segarra who were part of the initial founding group of Tre Tigri.

To get in touch with anyone directly,  please check contact information via the above mentioned links. The artists look forward to exchange thoughts with you about these works and collaborations.